Agricultural Supplies & Bedding

White barn with sunset behind it

As our core product base, Central Farm and Garden provides high quality agricultural supplies and animal bedding. We are continually working to bring you the best products and pricing to keep you up to date and competitive in your markets.

Animal Traps

Humanely trap and remove a variety of animals safely and efficiently.

Raccoon in an animal trap


Animal bedding and deodorizers to help eliminate animal waste odors. 

Baby cow laying on a bed of animal bedding


We have a variety of feeding buckets and tubs for your unique applications.

Horse outside eating out of a black shallow bucket


We offer feeders and waterers for a variety of animals to keep your pets or backyard visitors healthy and happy.

Cream goat drinking water out of a black water container

Fencing Supplies

We provide fencing supplies that you can rely on.

Electric coil to an a electrified fence


Chemicals, tools & accessories to increase the harvest production in your fields.

Field planter tractor fertilizing field


We have everything you need to expand your flock! Central Farm and Garden provides a large selection of poultry feed, supplements, feeders, bedding, and supplies.

White chicken in a chicken coup

Stable Care/Supplies

We have the stable supplies you need to efficiently care for your horses including forks, feeding bottles, and tote stools.

3 horses inside there stables inside the barn

Our mission is to supply the independent retailers in Ohio and the surrounding states with the best selection of agricultural and garden products supported by exceptional knowledge and service

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