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Central Farm and Garden is your #1 source for bird feed. Our signature Bird Pro blends will appeal to a wide range of bird feeding enthusiasts from our Economy Blend to our Backyard Blend, which includes quality ingredients that birds love. We also stock other wild bird products such as feed ingredients, suet, bird feeders and accessories, and more.

Bird Pro

Central Farm and Garden’s unique bird seed product line, Bird Pro, is exclusively available to our independent retail dealers. We’ve blended the finest ingredients to bring you the best bird seed offerings in the market!

Birds at a bird feeder

Wild Bird Food

Whether you need bird food ingredients or premade bird food stock, we have it all! We also supply individual ingredients if you prefer to create special mixtures or premade food stocks specific to various types of birds.

Yellow bird sitting and eating form a hanging bird feeder in fall setting

Bird Suet

A variety of our brands offer bird suet blends that include seeds, grains, nuts, and/or fruit to provide additional variety and attract even more bird species.  

Close up of bird hanging onto a suet bird feeder with food in it

Birding Supplies

Central Farm and Garden is your one-stop shop for all birding supplies! We have everything from bird houses, and feeders to heated rocks and baths—everything to make your backyard birds happy.

Bird mid flight flying to a house shaped birdhouse

Domestic Bird Food

Get the best domestic bird food for your little friends here at Central Farm and Garden. We offer crafted blends for Canary, Finch, Cockatiel, Parakeet, Parrot, and more!

Parakeet inside home bird cage eating Bird Pro food


Brighten up your outdoors with our fun, colorful hummingbird & oriole bird feeds. We also stock clear nectar to help support hummingbird life and energy.

Oriole sitting on a hanging bird feeder with orange slices on it

Shepherd Hooks

We have a diversity of shepherd hooks for all your bird feeding preferences. Adjustable to multiple and branch hooks, our options are sure to suit your backyard birds.

Find all your bird feeder essentials here at Central Farm and Garden. We provide a large selection of bird houses, feeders, waterers, solar lighted feeders, and much more.

3 wild birds sitting on a hanging bird feeder

Our mission is to supply the independent retailers in Ohio and the surrounding states with the best selection of agricultural and garden products supported by exceptional knowledge and service

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