Lawn & Garden Products

Cream house with colorful flower beds and a nice green lawn

Keeping you at the forefront of what is current, trending, and effective for customer home and garden use. Central Farm and Garden monitors the markets to provide you with many of today’s key products from leading vendors in the lawn and garden product category. Chemicals, tools, fertilizers, accessories, soils, amendments, peat, and mulch, just to name a few.

Home Pro Lawn

Our Home Pro grass mixes and blends are designed to provide homeowners and commercial users with the best results, performance, and appearance.

Large open backyard with trees and perfectly green cut lawn


We offer a variety of fertilizers for all types of lawns and gardens. Chemicals, tools, and accessories to enhance your lawn and garden.
Very close up of grass in backyard

Lawn Care

We have the lawn care items you need to have the best lawn on the block, including grass seed blends and mixes, fertilizers, and insecticides.

Man filling up a lawn fertilizer spreader with fertilizer

Plant Care

Our selection of plant care items will enhance your yard and indoor plants. From plant food and fertilizers to weed and pest control, we have you covered!

Woman with red gloves planting white flowers in garden bed

Pond Care

Offering effective maintenance supplies and equipment for your pond in all seasons.

Large pond with walking deck and lily pads

Rodent/Pest Control

Traps, sprays, and baits to help get rid of and stop rodents and pests efficiently.

A rodent in an animal trap

Soil Amendments

We have the products to improve your soil’s physical properties such as water retention, permeability, water infiltration, drainage, aeration, and structure.

Someone grabbing a handful of dirt from a field


We provide a variety of soil options that your flowers, vegetables, and lawn will thrive in.

Someone grabbing and cupping dirt from a pile and holding their hands in the shape of a heart

Spreaders & Sprayers

Lawn and garden spreaders and sprayers to help distribute seeds, fertilizer, weed, and pest control.

Man walking and pushing a fertilizer spreader in the backyard


We have a variety of tools including irrigation tools, shears, pruners, and rakes. Central Farm and Garden supplies all the things you require for any size lawn or garden.

Man and son plating a small tree with shovel and watering can

Weed Control

Central Farm and Garden has everything you need to stop those pesky weeds in your lawn and garden! We offer weed control fertilizer, sprays, and sprayers.

Close up of fence line with weeds and someone spraying weeds with weed spray

Our mission is to supply the independent retailers in Ohio and the surrounding states with the best selection of agricultural and garden products supported by exceptional knowledge and service

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