Livestock Feed & Minerals

Man in green apron hand feeding a cow in a cow feed barn with hay

We are proud to have served the agricultural industry since 1964 with our livestock feed and mineral products.

Alfalfa/Timothy Products

We know that you want only the best, which is why we supply forage products for your Alfalfa and Timothy cube needs. Complete with natural ingredients to ensure only the highest quality for your horse.

Man in plaid shirt holding a silver bucket, letting horse eat out of it

Cattle Feed

We provide dairy and beef cattle feed that include all essential amino acids and high-quality proteins, which will help your herd reach their peak condition.

Hands feeding a cow while other cows next to it eat hay

Feed Ingredients

Looking for livestock ingredients for your specific requirements? Here at Central Farm and Garden, we have individual ingredients for all livestock needs to keep them happy and healthy.

Overhead view of someone grabbing and cupping livestock food from the pile

Horse Feed/Treats

Whether you’re looking for the highest quality horse feed or looking to mix up your everyday treats, Central Farm and Garden has feed and treats for horses of all ages!

Pile of 3 different types of horse feeds and treats


Promote health and convenience with the variety of mineral tubs and blocks we offer here at Central Farm and Garden.

Cows in a field with a mineral block in front of them

Poultry Feed

We have everything you need for your chicks, as well as hens and roosters, to promote starter development, maximize egg production, and healthy pecking behavior.

Chickens in a chicken feeder eating

Sheep/Goat Feed

Central Farm and Garden has feed for all classes and breeds to help meet the needs for growth, development, and reproduction.

Baby goat eating food out of someone's hand

Swine Feed

We offer feed for the development of your pigs, so they have healthy lives at every age.

3 pigs eating food out of a feeder

Our mission is to supply the independent retailers in Ohio and the surrounding states with the best selection of agricultural and garden products supported by exceptional knowledge and service

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