Seasonal & Misc. Products

Red barn on a very snowy day with snow covered trees and yard

Come prepared for all seasons with our seasonal and miscellaneous products. Our high-quality de-icing salt will get you ready for winter and our produce sets will prepare you for a successful harvest!

De-Icing Salt

We offer commercial grade de-icing salt for applications such as parking lots and sidewalks. Residential de-icing salt is also available including pet friendly varieties.

Man spreading salt with a shovel in driveway

Produce - Seed Potato & Onion Sets

For many years, Central Farm and Garden has been a leader in seed potato and onion sets. We have dedicated resources that allow our produce program to concentrate on quality, service, and competitive prices. This fine-tuned program allows us to offer the best products, timely delivery, and great pricing. Ask us how you can take advantage of all that our produce program has to offer.

Onion bulbs on deck getting ready to plant

Vegetable Seed

Central Farm and Garden has a wide variety of vegetable seed including corn, squash, cucumbers, radish, lettuce, pumpkin, carrots, and more.

A mixture of produce on a table

Softener Salt

We supply a wide range of water softener salt applications for commercial and residential use.

Bucket filled with water softener salts

Our mission is to supply the independent retailers in Ohio and the surrounding states with the best selection of agricultural and garden products supported by exceptional knowledge and service

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