Wildlife Feed & Animal Attractants

2 whitetail deer, one with antlers in a snowy field

Deer Attractants

Looking to help bring more deer to you? Central Farm and Garden has a range of attractants to help you do just that.

large antlered whitetailed deer walking through a fall field

Deer Feed/Minerals

Central Farm and Garden stocks products you need as an outdoor enthusiast. We offer deer feed and minerals to help support deer and antler health.

4 whitetail deers eating at the base of a tree in snowy woods

Deer Food Plots

Taking care of deer year-round is a big job, Central Farm and Garden is here to help make it a little easier. We have an abundance of seed types for all kinds of deer food plots.

1 whitetail deer and 1 albino deer eating Game Pro attractants laid out on the ground

Game Pro Plots

We offer a variety of seeds for any and all food plots looking to attract wildlife game.

Whitetail deer with large antlers standing in flower field

Our mission is to supply the independent retailers in Ohio and the surrounding states with the best selection of agricultural and garden products supported by exceptional knowledge and service

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